About us


Company “Master” was founded in 1988 in Yaroslavl. The main activity of the company is precision mechanisms manufacturing, including miniature internal combustion engines. In total, more than 40 mini engines modifications with a displacement from 1.5 to 15 cc has been produced. The total production output exceeded 80,000 items, and 90% of the output has been exported. On several international championships models with engine “Master” took prize positions. In 2001 the model engine “Master” was included into a rating “100 best products of Russia” and awarded a “High quality” diploma.

In 2005 the company “Master” has focused on components supply for large enterprises of the aerospace automotive industry, gaining professional competences of high-precision metal working.

Among our clients are OAO Avtodisel, OAO YaZDA, OAO Yaroslavl radiozavod, also Tactical Missiles Corporation (JSC) and others.


On the 01.12.2015 company has relaunched a small engine production with the objective to produce a line of Russian model engines for children's technical creativity in aircraft, car and boat modelling, as well as for a wide range of a model engineers, working with aircraft, car and boat models and model competitors.

Our mission is to provide you with affordable model engines, supplying kids and adults and open possibility for technical creativity, sport or education in the field.


During 2016 the production of mini engines is resumed on a higher quality level. New production site near Rostov the Great in Yaroslavl region has been created from scratch on a reconstructed area of 1000 m2. With the new industrial equipment allowing full cycle production of model engines from design project to finalized motor. Company is proud of a formed team of engineering and design professionals and production staff. The production sections of heat treatment and casting, CNC, universal equipment, assembling and packaging enables company’s successful operation. A specialized test laboratory enabling to track dozens of model engine performance parameters is being created.


For the 12 months, from the March 1, 2016, six modifications of model motors have been designed and put into a pilot production: two modifications of F2D aircraft engines for advanced highly qualified competitors, two modifications of F2D engines for training flights, and two engine modifications for children starting technical creativity clubs. As well the company has launched the modification of the model motor Master-Phoenix, continuing the Phoenix product line.

At the moment there are five more modifications of model engines in development. Experimental product consignments have been sent to Australia, France, Germany, Canada, the Republic of Donetsk. Engines are delivered in Central Russia, to the Urals, Siberia, and the Crimea. Some engines were distributed for testing to Russian competitors in order to improve their consumer characteristics. The engines took part in international championship in Australia, where they have proven effective in hard conditions.

We are transitioning to a mass production within the established manufacturing capacities and we are ready to increase our production output furthermore.