Turning and milling operations, grinding and other works

Technical Capacity & Manufacturing Processes

1. Lathe work

  • Accurate operations on universal multiwork machine - max. Ø300 mm, L up to 900 mm;
  • Turning works, no high accuracy requirement - max. Ø430 mm, L to 1100 mm
  • CNC machining - max. Ø320 mm, L to 650 mm.

2. Milling work

  • Vertical milling - table 800x350 mm;
  • Horizontal milling - table 250x720 mm;
  • Milling work on CNC - up to 660x520 mm (the CNC milling machine table is 900x600 mm - in case you don’t need to process detail’s edges).

3. Boring works

  • Coordinate-boring - table 600х450 mm;

4. Grinding

  • Round grinding, up to Ø250х1000 mm / Ø350х600 mm;
  • Flat grinding, table 500x220 mm;
  • Internal grinding, a detail outer Ø up to 120 mm, L up to 200 mm;
  • Profile contour grinding, depending on a detail shape, up to 250x250 mm.

We also perform a whole complex of metalwork: assembly, welding, debugging, painting, etc.

5. Heat treatment

  • Metal heat treatment: hardening, annealing, normalization;

6. Foundry work

  • Non ferrous foundry / non ferrous casting (aluminum, brass, bronze);

7. Electroplating

  • Chemical-thermal treatment: chrome plating, nickel plating, anodizing, galvanizing, bluing, passivation, etc. Applied coating depends on the detail dimensions.