The company offers a drawings assessment and a product technological analysis before manufacturing in order to identify potential for optimisation and modernization.

In particular, it based on investigation of certain aspects including:

  1. What is the product function?
  2. What other details it interacts with?
  3. What environment will it work in?
  4. What loads will it experience? etc.

Based on results of a comprehensive analysis, we offer solutions of the product design optimization helping to:

— Increase product operational properties;

— Reduce its production costs significantly while keeping same functionality level.

According to our experience of technological analysis, it gives following benefits:

  • 25% of production time reduction ;
  • 20% of production costs reduction
  • 25 times reduction of a defect production risk because an error in a drawings: from 1/20 (5%) to 1/500 (0.2%).

Mainly we recommend that service to the companies of the aircraft and auto-building industry, which we are capable to consult on a high professional level. Likewise our assessment expertise is also applicable for other industries.