Urgent manufacturing

Summarizing time saving potential from all the listed manufacturing stages we gain significant timing optimisation while keeping quality parameters. In our company all the "urgent order" particles get specific tag and proceed immediately into production. Labeled with the "first in the line" tag details skip queues and get priority in the points of machine re-adjustment. That internal policy allows us to shorten an urgent order timing by 250-300% from a standard order timing.

We offer “urgent manufacturing” order option, if a client needs a component parts or mechanism as soon as possible.

Contact us by email expo@master-motors.su indicating "urgent order" in the title and we’ll get back with you ASAP.

Here is the source of our time saving approach that is not threatening production quality. Apart from manufacturing time itself there are other process gaps, so called "waiting points", that we address in order to increase a added value of the final product.

Let’s look at order processing closely:

1. Order registration and legal formalities - manufacturing technology, that determines costs calculation .

2. Technological preparation - engineers work on mathematical models construction and programming, meaning that 4/5 of the time on this stage workpieces are just queuing and waiting.

3. The actual production - mechanical, heat treatment and other technical operations. Reducing the no-value-added activities in production such as unnecessary movements, extra processing covering technological imperfections is the key of the loss reduction philosophy.

4. Assembly and post-manufacturing processes - quality control and shipping expectation. According to our most conservative estimates, this stage timing is easily halved.